Fairy Tail Manga: The Magic Council


Fairy Tail Manga Council serves as the regulatory body for the world of magic in the Fairy Tail manga series. Read below to learn more about this council and its major part in the series:


Aside acting as the government for the whole world of magic in the Fairy Tail Manga series, the Fairy Tail Manga  Council is also responsible for all the legal guilds in Earth Land. They are saddled with the responsibility of watching over their activities as well as keeping them in check. Activities from the mages are their responsibility, therefore, they are authorized to punish them whenever they break the law. Their messengers are normally sent to capture any mage that has committed a crime.

Symbol and Meeting Room

The council’s symbol is ankh-like, looking like an Egyptian hieroglyphic character indicating life. The symbol of the council can also be found on the uniforms of the messengers, on Rune Knights as well as on their other employees.

The Magic Council members’ meeting room is a big blue magic circle with members surrounding it.

The Organization

The Fairy Tail Manga Magic Council is made up of nine members or “seats” and each member has a rank from 2nd to 9th. There’s also a Chairman, who is the council leader with the final say on all matters, maintaining the top spot.

Magic Council employees are normally weird, humanoid creatures that can talk. Their roles on the council include being envoys, guards as well as technicians for Etherion.

Military Forces

The Magic Council are like the government of the Fairy Tail Manga magic world, therefore, they have their own armed forces for the purpose of maintaining peace on Earth Land in addition to making sure no mage or guild causes any harm or trouble or breaks any of the existing laws.

The Magic Council’s army are known as the Rune Knights and the maiFairy_Tail_Manga_Intron purpose they serve is to ensure the council’s standards of justice are strictly adhered to. They also investigate crimes associated with the Magi
c world. The Rune Knights are normally divided into squads, which are mostly led by a ranked officer. They also possess combat skills in addition to the capacity to execute various forms of magic.

The Satellite Square: Etherion, which is a very powerful Magic, is in the form of a satellite structure made up of glyphs. It is presently situated in the Council’s headquarters in Era. It can be used to aim at any location on Earth Land from the sky with its gigantic beam and is widely regarded as the council’s most potent and crucial weapon.

The Fairy Tail Manga also has a weapon that can nullify all magic on an entire continent thereby rendering mages powerless. This weapon is known as Face.

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