The Benefits of Bunk Beds


It seems to me that for a long time people really have overlooked the benefits of Bunk Beds.

Most people hear the phrase ‘bunk bed’ and assume that it’s meant totally in the traditional sense of one bed over the other and meant for children.  Of course that’s still how it’s widely used but in reality there are lots of different types of bunk beds to suit all situations.

The one thing that annoys me in our bedrooms is single beds. It’s fine if it’s a massive bedroom with lots of space, but in today’s world of houses being built ever smaller with small bedrooms to match a single bed really annoys me. When people buy pieces of furniture for their rooms such as bookcases you usually buy one as tall as possible if you have a lot of things to fit in. Yet with beds, the largest pieces of furniture in the room people don’t take advantage of the space above or beneath them.



You can purchase a wide variety of bunk beds that have massive storage spaces beneath them.  A Captain’s bed for example is a regular single bed raised a meter or so of the ground that has a vast amount of storage space beneath.  Consider the area size of the bed, being raised just a little bit of the ground can create vast amounts of storage space.

But it’s not just help with storage that bunk beds can offer; there are lots of different types to serve both adults and children.  For example, you can utilize the space below your bed by installing a different component where the bottom bunk usually is.  If you’re lacking for space in your bedroom you can have a design which allows for a full desk and chair to be placed under your top bunk.  This can have a computer/laptop on it or be purely a writing desk for written pieces of work.

You can have designs which allow couches or even futons to be placed underneath, which are great for just chilling on as well as offering a comfortable place for a visiting friend to sleep.  You can even look into buying custom bunk beds which allow for you to choose exactly what you want beneath.  But frankly it’s more than likely that a brand such as Grand Home Design Bunk Beds will have exactly what you’re looking for.  Moreover they’ve of good quality but at a moderate price, it’s easy to get caught up with spending lots of money on what company’s sell as futuristic beds, but frankly the Stompa Bunk Bed Benefits make them the obvious choice.

Make your photos better with Pomelo


If you enjoy playing with different photo editing apps, then the Pomelo app is just right for you. Pomelo was designed by Xiamen Meitu. It is suitable for people who love different photo editing softwares. This app can be ideal for enhancing  pictures so, if you have an iPhone and if you have recently took some pictures and they seem to be lacking something then Pomelo might be just what you need. This app is much similar to the apps like Litely and VSCO COM. and I must add, the app seems to be more effective if you own an iPhone.

So, if you are a fan of photography and if you are looking for an editing app, with some exclusive features, then you can really try out this app.

About the app:

Pomelo app is one of the most popular photo editing apps whichAdding-Live-Camera-Effects_thumb are available on iTunes and Google play store. The Pomelo app really fits with the tradition of the iPhone. The design of this app is very sleek and t
he interface is quite user friendly as well. The home screen of this app will provide you with a beautiful background  and it will also come with different settings placed in the left corner of the home screen. It also offers a free filter store, which allows you to apply different filters on your pictures for free. You can always feel free to share your pictures afterwards on instagram or other social media. Generally there are only two ways to edit a picture on pomelo :

A) You can  click a photo and then instantly add some cool effects from the app.  

B) You can browse through your library for the picture that you want to edit. You can also use this app as a camera. So, when you are using this app as a camera you can get access to different filters live. You can always add an effect instantly on your photo.

This app offers some useful and attractive features to the users:

1) You get to access a huge collection of different filters that allows you to add different types of effects on your picture as well as add dimension and color.  This makes Pomelo one of the best apps when it comes to the variety of filters that you can choose from.

2) This app can be considered as one of the best photo editing apps for the features that it provides to the user.

3) The photo editing tools are quite simple to use yet they are effective. So, you can rotate crop, and shift your image easily and instantly.

4) If you want to instantly share your photos with your friends on instagram, then you do it easily with this app.

With this features the Pomelo app is ready to improve your experience.